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      Welcome Wuxi Huasheng!


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      Why Choose Us

      1.High brand awareness:
      ● LS is well known especially in tricycle field
      ● Approximately 80% market occupancy is LS in the shock absorber industry

      2. High quality promise:
      ● Providing super low price with high quality
      ● Strict control starts from law material

      3.Best service promise in entire trading process :
      ● Providing one to one customer service and customer management
      ● Replying all requests within 12 hours
      ● Tracing products logistics once every two days
      ● Helping solving any problem occurring through trading course

      4.Excellent full control of process:
      ● Including all the maintenance and inspection of production equipments

      5.Decades of experience and in-depth Industry knowledge:
      ● Guaranteed robust design for all customized products

      6.Full of vitality and innovation:
      ● Improved production technology and excellent shape suitable for majority of models

      7.Environmental concerns:
      ● Employed advanced pollution-free equipments to remove hazardous materials and odors in gases

      8.Having more than 100 long-term cooperation partners.

      ABOUT US
      Why choose us
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      ? 2018 Wuxi Huasheng Machinery Co., Ltd. [Su ICP is prepared for No. 09025353 -1]
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