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      Welcome Wuxi Huasheng!


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      Our company is located in Wuxi adjacent to the beautiful Lake Tai,which lies to the center of the well-developed Yangtze River Delta in eastern China with convenient transportation.

      Wuxi HuaSheng Machinery Co.,LTD was founded in 1990,the main products of our company include the shock absorbers of both  two - and three-wheeled motorcycles, covering ten series with more than 100 different types.HuaSheng covers a total area of over 30 mu. The total asset of HuaSheng is estimated at 80 million yuan, with annual value of production nearly one hundred million yuan. Our company has employed advanced automated equipments that accompanied with comprehensive testing techniques.

      HuaSheng has condensed a number of professional and technical workers, which ensure to provide consistent high quality of products to the customers. Advanced techniques and qualified quality make our company to be the leading place of the industry, which is competitive advantage that making us to remain invincible.  

      Company philosophy: market - rooted, integrity-based, service- spirited.
      Company goal: Establishing excellent enterprise image, creating the world famous brand.Casting one hundred year old enterprise, pursuing the top of the industry.

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      ? 2018 Wuxi Huasheng Machinery Co., Ltd. [Su ICP is prepared for No. 09025353 -1]
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