The Advantages of Using an AdWords Certified PPC Company for Ads Campaign

What is the AdWords Certification?

You might have come across the term “AdWords Certified” being flaunted by the internet marketing agencies. They embellish it like a medallion on their websites, but what does it mean? Does it assure quality? This blog will be an answer to all the questions, which revolve around the concept of AdWords certification and its benefits.

In today’s internet age, nearly all businesses have their online existence. This has made Google the most powerful advertising platform. Certified AdWords agencies are those platforms that have been accredited by Google. Since Google itself is very concerned about the UX, this certificate speaks bountiful of the quality of service of the internet advertiser.

Australian Internet Advertising is a Google certified AdWords agency that assists in Google ads Melbourne and other businesses in Australia. Their expert team and a huge pool of satisfied customer base speak volumes for themselves. Their services are focused on generating the maximum ROI and conversions for your Ads campaign. AIA is a brand that you can trust.

The criterion of Certification

Google runs several training programs for digital marketing professionals. For any agency of individual to get certified, they have to sit for a test which is being conducted by Google itself. to receive the certification, the professional must pass a minimum of 2 different exams among the following exams:

1- AdWords Fundamentals

2- Search Advertising

3- Video Advertising

4- Display Advertising

5- Shopping Advertising

6- Mobile Advertising.

For the individual or an organization to retain the certification, each of the experts is mandated to sit for an exam every 12 months. This is done to ensure that the professionals are adept with the recent developments. Google ensures that its professionals are the best individuals at what they are doing.

For a company to achieve a ‘partner’ status, it must fulfil 3 criteria, namely- company profile, spend, and best practice.

Company profile- this is done so that Google has all the necessary information to list the agency in Google Partner Search.

Spend- Google requires ‘a healthy amount of activity in the accounts which are being managed by the certified partner agencies

Best practices- to showcase your expertise, Google requires you to demonstrate the best practices in your clients’ accounts which lead to maximum conversions and maximum conversions for your client.

Benefits of the Certification

Google certified professionals are not just one-time experts. To retain the certification, they are required to keep pace with the recent developments in Google algorithms. These experts are specially trained in their niche area of marketing. You can choose among the professionals from the area of accreditation they have completed and if that matches your requirement.

Besides the training courses, the partner agencies have special access to events hosted by Google and its partners. These events touch upon industry research, products update, etc. This means that whenever there is an update or change in algorithms, the certified professionals are at the forefront receiving chain. Employing such individuals gives you an early bird benefit.

Google is very concerned about the UX. That’s why it is regular in evaluating the campaigns which are run by the certified partner agencies. Google also reviews the accounts, thereby ensuring that the clients are at the receiving of excellent services. What this means is that while taking services from experts, Google itself ensures the quality of service that they render.

If you employ a certified expert for managing your marketing Ads campaign, it is sure to generate conversions for you. Google Ads certification is not a surface-level exam. It requires a deep and exhaustive understanding of the nuanced concepts for someone to pass the exam, thus you can hire certified professionals, who are the best in the market to handle your Ads campaign.


A list of certified partners can be found on the verified list of partners. If you are looking for someone to manage your PPC campaigns, you must limit your search to the Google-certified partner agencies. The ROI and conversions of your Ads campaign depend on the expertise of your hired professionals, partnering with certified professionals can be the best decision, which you make your Google AdWords campaign.