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What Constitutes A Good Blog Post In Our Opinion?

Contributions from guest bloggers that are accepted and used should have no grammatical errors, typos, or formatting problems when they are submitted. Every piece of content ought to be unique and should not be found anywhere else online.

The Manner Of Writing

• Compose your writing in a manner that is engaging for our readers; they are not interested in reading essays. They simply do not have the time to read novels. The most successful content includes “how-to” guides and informative articles driven by data.

• The Oxford comma is not a punctuation mark that we recommend using, so try to avoid using it whenever you can.

• Create headers to divide your article into different sections (at least 2 -3 sub-headers).

• If necessary, utilize bullet points in your writing.

• Please avoid using extremely lengthy sentences and paragraphs.

Reduce the number of times you use the passive voice.


• The length of your blog post must be at least 500 words.

• We have a wide variety of categories; therefore, please choose one subject to discuss. Also, make it interesting and pertinent to the people you are trying to reach.

• Please include at least three images with each post and provide a link to the attribution of each image. Alternatively, you can use Pixabay, which offers free images of excellent quality. The image file should be saved in either the.jpg or.png format.

• You are required to provide a Meta Description that is no longer than 156 characters (including spaces).

• The heading is very important. You should strive to keep it to a maximum of seven to ten words. When it comes to attracting clicks, concise and engaging writing performs better.

• You should make sure that your content contains a link to at least one reputable source that you found online.

• Make your primary SEO keyword your focus. You should attempt to use it in your title, headers, and throughout the content, but you shouldn’t use it too frequently. We suggest a keyword density of between 1.5 and 2 percent throughout the content.

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